Netgear 54 Mbps Wireless ADS Firewall Router DG 834G HELP

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Reconfigure your ethernet adapters tcp/ip properties to static. Give it a static address of This will put it in the same subnet. Configure the router and then put your pc adapter back to dhcp,,, no static address. From then on, your pc should be assigned an address in the same subnet and you wont have to do this again.

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PS. Actually if you have a CD setup program, it should allow you to configure it without all the extra bs. But I never had a netgear so im not sure.

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Hi Guys,

Here's my problem, I've been with BT Yahoo for about a year I connect to the internet via a 'Alcatel Speed touch USB modem' at 1Mb, the whole set up has been working fine. Now I had this idea to wirelessly connect my laptop, thus allowing the kids to play on the computer to their hearts content and me get on with some proper work!. So, I purchased a Netgear 54 Mbps Wireless ADS Firewall Router DG 834G. It arrived this afternoon, and so my problems begin.

I unplugged my existing USB modem, connected the new DG834G as per the instructions (connecting it to the Ethernet connection on the back of my PC) great so far, until the instructions say 'Connect to the router by typing in the address line of internet explorer. Nothing happens I just get the standard message about the page not being available ( the sort of message you get when there is no connection to the internet). The instructions lead me to believe that to proceed with the installation the DG834G has to be connected to the internet!. Catch 22

I'm completely at a loss can anybody help me

Thanks in anticipation


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You need to assign a static IP address to your PC Ethernet adapter that is in the IP subnet as the router is using

so say you assing your PC the IP address with a mask of

you will then be able to access the router by typing into the URL field of a browser

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sounds like you still have the USB modem drivers installed therefore Internet Explorer will still be trying to get out via that way - check in IE under tools/internet options/connections that its not set to use the dial up connection still. also check that you have DHCP enabled in your TCP/IP settings of your LAN connection

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Thanks for your help guys,

When I check the properties of the LAN all the settings are as you said (i.e.) IP address subnet mask (don't really understand what a subnet is!) There's also no mention of the new DG 834G wireless modem router on my PC, every other piece of hardware I've attached has always been installed, is it right then that I just plug this device in and it should work straight away without being recognised?

Thanks again for your help


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OK this is how it needs to be hooked up. your DG 834G is a Broadband modem/Router all in one.

1) So connect your Phone Line into the Jack that says Internet. It will be the one by itself to the right looking at the back of the router. 2) Plug the Cable (Use the Provided Cable in Box) from the Desktops Ethernet card into the first ethernet port farthest right of the 4 ports. 3) Plug the power jack into the modem/router 4) Now on the front of the router you should see the power led on 5) Now on the front of the router you should see the ADSL led solid 6) Turn on your PC and you should see the the first port led on the front of the router on 7) Goto your computer and double click on your Local Area Network Connection in the system tray 8) Click on Properties 9) Highlight Internet Protocol TCP/IP and click on Properties 10) Set all options to obtain automatically and hit ok and ok again 11) if you had any software you used with your previous modem to log into your ISP, remove it 12) Open Internet Explorer, click on tools, Internet Options, and connections tab 13) Make sure there is nothing set in the Dial Up and VPN settings window. If there is delete it. 14) goto your internet explorer address window and type that should bring up your router login page 15)In lower case letters use admin for user name and password for the password. You should be in and just run the setup wizaed.

I hope that helps you.


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DLink Guru

Forgot to mention, when you are running the setup wizard you will need to now what type of DSL connection you have, Dynamic IP, Static IP or PPoE. If PPoE you will also have to know your username and password to log into your ISP.


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