Need help setting up network

I'm new to wireless. I have a desktop running XP MCE2005 connected by Ethernet cable to a Buffalo wireless router. And I have a new laptop running XP Home connected wirelessly to the router.

Each computer can connect to the internet, but I have nothing going on between the two computers locally. Nothing in My Network Places. It may be because I don't have any folders set up for sharing, or it may be that I need to somehow create a local network.

The two computers are part of the same workgroup, and have consecutive IP addresses, but there's nothing I can find that suggests that a LAN exists.

To set up sharing, am I supposed to choose the Network Setup Wizard? When I asked about this before, I think I was told it has to do with ICS, which I don't want.


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Never mind. I got it working. The answer was NOT to use the wizard, but just share the folder. Anyway, now I can read and write in both directions.

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