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I have a PC called Mars and a Laptop call Venus both using XP Pro SP2 Wireless network using Netgear Wireless ADSL Router. Both computers are Workgroup and the IP address is assigned automatically. Venus and Mars have their own wireless cards, and both connect to the Internet OK via the Netgear ADSL Wireless Router.

File sharing on both is on, and I have setup shared folders on both machines. Firewall is set to allow file and print sharing.

Venus can see the shared files on \\Mars, but Mars cannot see \\Venus. Error message "\\Venus is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Blah blah..... Search finds Venus on the network, but I cannot get any further.

What is missing???

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Make sure the user you are logging in with exists on the other computer with rights to the shared folder.

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Can you supply more info?

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Make sure your user account exists on both computers and that the account has permission to access the shared folder. Which part do you not undertand?

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Taking a moment's reflection, 1313 mused: | | Can you supply more info?

If you are logging into Computer A with the following:

Joe pass1

... and you are logging into Computer B with the following:

Ed passY

... make sure each user and password exists on the other machine so they can be properly authenticated to access the share.

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You can add user accounts in Control Panel, Administrative tools, and Computer Management. From there you will see a users and groups category. You can add from there.

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Tom -


This should be employment test question.... If you've set up the permissions right, try enabling the Guest account on the second machine! Give "everyone" read permission.

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