Help--Frustrated: Newbie Setting Up Home Network

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Did you turn off the SP2 built in firewall? If you don't turn it off it can stop and messaging/connections and will keep the nodes from seeing each other. If that's not it, Try turning OFF any security stuff (like the MAC filtering), UNTIL you get it working... If there is the slightest typo or mistake in the mac address's, the nodes won't see each other. Once again.. turn OFF any sort of security stuff until AFTER you get it working...

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Peter Pan
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I am running XP SP2 and a D-Link 524 Wireless Router and I am using MAC filtering in an OPEN system with a Dell Inspiron 1150 PC and Wired PC (HOST). The Dell is connected to the wireless router. The HOST computer is connected via cable and I also have a cable modem.

I am absolutely unable to get the the HOST and Dell to see each other. I ran through the Wizards and even used a USB drive to load the settings and I am unable to have them see and talk to one another.

I renamed the Workgroups several times just to be sure and the names are the same. I reverted to the default MSHOME on both computers.

I selected " Set up or Change your home or small office, Yes, use the existing shared connection (I even tried let me choose another way to connect).

Depending which option I choose, I also get an error message that MSHOME is not accessable, check permissions blah, blah, blah.

I wouldn't doubt if my registry may have gotten corrupted with trying the different methods of having the two computers see each other.

Can anyone provide me with some info or step by step links please?

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First, especially on pre-SP2 systems, turn off the native firewall.


Before you do this, make sure the hardware firewall in the router is working properly.

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Rick "Nutcase" Rogers

And to add to what Rick has suggested - make sure that there's at least one file or folder shared on both PCs.


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