Need advice on wireless internet cam

Hi all

I need advice on what to buy.

I want a webcam with audio, to use for skype calls and general msn video messaging. I also would like it to double up as a wireless Internet that I can use for viewing the outside of my house through a window over a remote browser (with pan and tilt).

The following device was suggested to me:

Linksys WVC200 Wireless PTZ Internet Camera with Audio

What do you reckon? Is there a better model for a similar price? Am I asking for too much from one device?


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Broons Bane
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That's not going to be possible. Unless...someone knows of a way to interface a non-USB cam to an IM application, or knows of any USB PTZ cams. Go with a mid-range USB cam for your IM needs and get a networked, aka IP camera for the PTZ surveillance.

For $250, the Linksys is OK...but its only a 2 LUX device and doesn't have an auto-iris, so its going to be a washed out image in bright sunlight and can't see in dim light.

The Toshiba IK-WB15A a better bet at $650 retail.

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"Broons Bane" hath wroth:

Sure. Look at the manufacturers web pile at the firmware revision history. If they have had 3 or more updates, you have a chance that things will work. If they've never had an update, you're going to be fighting bugs.

That's a bit difficult. Few webcams have remote audio that can also support Skype or MSN Messenger. For example, how are you going to pickup or hangup a phone call? This is normally done with the keyboard, but there's no keyboard on the web cam. The audio and video will also need to be redirected from the external IP source to the computer running your IM application. I suspect it might be possible, but looking at the settings, I don't see an easy way to do it from a remote IP audio source. This may not be easy.

Dunno. I think you might want to look at:

which has a feature matrix on most current cameras. These are IP cameras, which includes wired network or wireless. Don't just look at the wireless cameras as the wired ethernet cameras can be used with the addition of a wireless client bridge radio. Hmmm... the search tool doesn't show anything for "Skype" or "MSN Messenger". They also have forums where your application may get answered by someone with more experience.

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