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that doesn't seem like a bad buy at all. have you seen the TV playing anything? Personally, I could say "this is the Best TV on the market" but if you think it looks horrable, it doesn't matter what I say. that being said I've never seen this TV, but a DLP with the stand for 1500 seems pretty good.

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Dr Nick
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I'm looking for around a 50 inch tv for home theater and HDTV watching. Costco has an RCA SCENIUM 50" DLP HDTV and Stand for $1,499US. Pardon my ignorance, but is this a good buy? It says the resolution is 1280x720. We have a smallish living room and will view at about 10 feet. Does this seem adequate? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'd like to get it set up for this weekend.

Regards, Lou. Please ping me for my real address. SPAM.

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I too sit about 10 feet from my TV. It's a 46" Samsung DLP and it's

plenty big. A 50" would be even better.

Make sure the RCA has the inputs you want. Mine has both DVI and HDMI

and a VGA input which allows me to use it as a monitor for my computer.

Also, does it have a build in HD tuner? Is that a requirement for you?

Does it have a cable card slot? Is that a requirement for you? And like

Dr. Nick says it's your eyes. If it looks good to you it IS good. Plus,

Costco has a great return policy - especially compared to BB or CC.

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Thanks for all the input. Yes, it has a cable card, so I'll be there when they open in the morning. I would image it has RCA/S-vid, etc., but I'll check to be sure.

Thanks very much, Lou Please ping me for my real address. SPAM.

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