i need help! wireless internet?

i just ordered internet service in my new house but the wireless installation costs a fortune and there's a monthly surcharge involved. the agent told me i can do it all myself if i buy a wireless router. i'm a pretty handy girl but i don't know what to buy. i have two laptops that are wireless ready. can anybody tell me what i need and which to buy? thank you...:wub:

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What kind of service do you have? DSL, cable, or something else?

DSL modems often come with a built-in wireless router.

With cable, there is nothing really to install. You connect the router to the modem and the computer to the router (if using wired), and turn on the modem, router, and computer, in that order, letting each stabilize before turning on the next device.

A typical router is the Linksys WRT54G, which works with both DSL and cable.

No extra monthly fees should be charged.

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