Need advice on 802.11n strategy (running two wireless routers)

Ultimately my question is this: Using my two routers, can I create two wireless access points and keep one of the access points pure


Here are some details: I have both an Airport Extreme and a D-Link DIR-625 router.

My plan is to have a wireless N (the airport extreme) and a wireless A/ G (d-link) access point on my network. The goal is to preserve 802.11n speeds, but allow other wireless devices to exist also. I already have the routers working together, however I noticed the speeds on the 'n' dropped when a device connected to the non-n access point.

I have DHCP disabled on the D-Link, and I connected the ports lan-to- lan. I made a few other modifications to prevent IP collisions, etc. I can successfully connect to either of the access points with any of the devices below.

Macbook Pro (n) Macbook (n) iPhone (non-n) Wii (non-n) Also, an external HD plugged into the Airport Extreme

I believe it was the Wii connecting to the (D-Link, non-n) network that slowed things down. While the Wii is on, accessing the external HD via the Airport Extreme slows down the file transfers to non-n speeds.

So, given this hardware, can I create the environment I'm looking for? Also, is this common for people who care about network speeds?


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