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It seems as if my cable connections slows to a crawl, sometimes as much as severl times a day. The only thing that "cures" it is if I unplug my Motorola SB4200 modem. Then it works just fine. If I look at the logs of the modem, I see several instances of it dailing to get a DHCP lease.

Is the problem with my modem or my ISP?

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Joe Sitko
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Log into your modem and check the signal levels when this happens. Receive: -15dbmV to +15dbmV Transmit: 30dbmV to 55dbmV Signal/Noise Ratio: >30dB

If they aren't within that range, or if they change significantly, then you might want to have the cable company check your line. FWIW, I had a SB5100 that was doing the same thing to me, only the signal level was fine and never changed. The problem was solved by replacing it with a Linksys BEFCMU10 V.3 cable modem. -Dave

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Dave C.

Oh I see. You think I fixed the cable company by replacing a modem. Gotcha. -Dave

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Dave C.

Yes. Replacing the modem fixed the line problems.

You still don't see how it was coincidental that you switched modems at the same time other problems were fixed, do you, Dave. You're still convinced that you're the one who fixed it all.

Joe Sitko wrote:

There's not enough information to tell. While checking the info page to compare what's happening when things aren't working to how they are when things are working can give you more information, it's still not enough to make a diagnosis.

What I will say is that it is highly unlikely that a modem works sometimes, and then only partially works at other times. It's far more likely that if the modem is the problem, that it won't work, period. And in the few cases that it might perform poorly until "fixed" by resetting, if the it's the modem, the fix will become less and less effective on an exponential curve.

What's far more likely is that it's a problem someplace between you and the CMTS. There are far more points of failure, with far more ways that they can fail causing signal problems that your modem can't recover from without a manual reset.

The odds are 10,000 to 1 that a new modem won't fix things. The odds are closer to even money that whatever is wrong in the HFC network will be discovered and fixed within a month, making it about a 50 to 1 shot, with the odds getting better as the month goes on, all the way down to about 2 to 1, that if you went out and bought a new modem, it would appear you fixed it by buying a new modem. And if you don't understand that you don't have the ability to troubleshoot far enough, you could, like Dave, believe that you fixed it.

Your best move at this time is to contact the cable company, and convince them to roll a truck out so they can find the real problem.

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