Motorola sb5100 + 3com 3crwe554g72 dhcp problem


I have an annoying problem with my 3com router since i got a new cable modem. When i plug in one of my computers directly to the motorola cable modem the computer obtains a dhcp address and surfing works just fine.

However, when i plug in my 3com router between the cable modem and my computer i receive a local ip to my private lan but the router is unable to obtain a public address, and therefore, surfing the web is out of the question.

I wonder if anybody has experienced the same problem (even if it is with another hardware setting) as i have and if there is a way to come around this problem?

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Reine A

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Reine A
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Write down the mac address of you windows nic. release the lease from windows.

power off the cable modem wait 15 seconds. Power up the cable and wait for sync. plugin router with power off. power it up, plug in windows to router and reboot.

Still broke, try having the router use you mac address you wrote down and run through the power cycle steps again. This assumes the router can fake the mac addy.

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