Maximum clients for wrt54g


Does anyone know of any limitations of the linksys wrtg54g where it

comes to the number of wireless clients? I have seen the number of 64,

but that was not with the wrtg54g?

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The UG says 253. But, I would not like to use a PC that shared a wireless segment with 252 other PCs, since the bandwidth is shared by all PCs. Say that your segment is getting the best-case peak datarate of 54 Mb/s (which means all PCs are fairly close to the router and nothing is using 802.11b with its 11 Mb/s constraint), so the aggregate STR is something like 30 Mb/s; then each PC should expect its share (assuming each gets its fair share) to be ~100 Kb/s, or ~10 KB/s; not much better than an analog modem on a phone line.

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