Best Value USB 802.11 Adapters?

Hi folks,

Can anyone recommend some good/reliable USB 802.11b adapters? What's the best deal to be found right now? Also, has anyone attempted using this type of adapter with a Mac OS X or Mac OS 9?

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Wendell III
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I use the D-Link DWL-122. I have had no problems at all. I have not tried it with a Mac, but the manufacturer says its compatable. They can be bought for around 40.00 USD new, cheaper on EBAY.

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Robert Jacobs

I think you should be looking for best quality & reception. I bought 2 Orinoco 8425 WD 's 20 months ago, both work great, one at either

80m trough two windows, the other trough a floor and two brick walls over ~25m. Regards, Martin
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