How to set up usb adsl modem in Linux?

Hi, I am trying to setup a home network that can share my adsl connection using Linux. I have a usb adsl modem, but I dont have a router. Hence I would like to make use of my old Pentium to act as a firewall/router, by running Linux. The Pentium machine doesnt have a harddisk.

Visually, here is what i want to do:

(phone line)======[usb adsl modem]=======[old pentium PC]=========[hub]===[PCs]

My question is,

  1. is there any tiny Linux distro that I can run it off my old Pentium FLOPPY drive (i dont really want to invest any $$ for a new hdd)

  1. I have a Aztech USB adsl modem. Does linux support this modem?

  2. Assuming, I have all setup, can Linux automatically login to the ADSL service the moment i turn on my old Pentium machine? In windows, i need to physically click the 'connect' button, with login/password entered.

Really appreciate some advice and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

rgds, ch

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HTH, Kevin

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Kevin Boergens

You can use Freesco

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Don't think it supports usb,... But maybe if you find and ethetnet to usb adaptor ( don't know if that exists) and you install 2 NIC's,..

If you find another program like freesco, but with usb-support, let me know please :)


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Bati ( wrote: : : If you find another program like freesco, but with usb-support, let me : know please :) :

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ClosedBSD: Home

Its FAQ doesn't mention USB, but says questions not answered by the FAQ can be emailed to 'support@' (the above domain).

--Jerry Leslie Note: is invalid for email

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