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I currently have about 10 metres of cable running through my house to network 2 computers both running windows xp sp2. I would like to get rid of the cable and run a wireless network. I have been looking at the USB wireless adapters rather than a wireless NIC. It appears from all that I have read, the 802.11g at 56mbps USBs work OK through a number of walls but as I would like to make an 'ad hoc' setup in an effort to avoid the cost of a router, I'm told there may be some security issues.

Does anyone have any personal experience or can point me to some further info on the subject?


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I've (on it's way to be changed) a Topcom wireless usb stick 54 V2 .... don't buy this one !!!!! WEP only and not working ^^ (with linksys router) Drivers and softwares are very cheap. When I have the chance to get a connection the signal is good (10m, 1wall) but every 2 hours or so I have to reinstall the drivers. Win2K definitely don't like those (latest) drivers...

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I noticed some of the $40 usb adapters come with a software access point mode - designed for business travelers to share a single ethernet jack in a meeting . you could use this with one of the econo usb adapters in infrastructure mode.

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The Linksys WUSB11 USB wireless adapter is pretty good. Works with both my Linksys BEFWS4 wireless router and my SMC Barricade also wireless router.

I know you dont want to use a router by reason of cost, but they are worth it especially when they can connect not just wireless (Ad Hoc) workstations as you say, but also wired ones too. All you got to do is set it up as Infrastructue as opposed to Ad Hoc mode.

Hope this helps.

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