Linksys WPC54GS problems ?

I tried the Linksys WPC54GS notebook adapter with my IBM Thinkpad T23 laptop running Windows XP Professional SP2. My wireless router was the Linksys WRT54G. The adapter would not work. I called Linksys and Microsoft, had them do a conference call, and the final verdict was that supposedly the adapter was bad. Is this a common experience ? Thanks in advance for your time. Steve

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Just curious, but what actually happens or does not happen with the adapter? The computer does not see the adapter? Or ???

I had to hook up a WPC54G adapter (laptop with WinXPPro) to a 2WIRE router. I was told by Linksys to de-install the Linksys program and just have Windows load the drivers and make sure I use the correct WEP code/key. This adapter is now doing fine. Before the adapter could see the router and connect but could not get an internet connection.

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dave AKA vwdoc1

I finally got it installed correctly today after writing an email to the ceo of cisco. they called me right away and spent 60 minutes with me on the phone correcting the problem. The adapter wasn't being hooked up to the wireless network, but I think programs on my hard drive were to blame for that. When you install the wpc54gs on a virgin copy of windows xp, it installs perfectly.

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steve h.

Cool! thanks for the update and happy surfing!!

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