Linksys WAG54G Firmware versions, any issues?


I'm currently running firmware version 1.01.6 on my WAG54G router. I get the occasional lockup/need to reboot, which in itself in no major issue. However I'm considering updating the firmware to either v1.02.1 or v1.02.7. Has anyone tried either of these and has encountered any problems?


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Andrew Sayers
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I posed a query to this group on 28/12/04 on a similar topic.

I currently have firmware 1.02.7 loaded in my WAG54G but the wireless connection still fluctuates occasionally (as it has done for 3 other firmware versions tested). For instance, on a 3 hour surf this afternoon I have had to select "re-connect" on my centrino laptop on 3 occasions. Other days I can sit for up to 8 hours with no problems.

However, I enjoy the added features of 1.02.7 such as the ability to disable router admin via wireless. I also like the feature added in version 1.02.5 which allowed a back-up of settings to be downloaded which is also available in 1.02.7.

I would like Linksys to provide comment on why the product is losing wireless connection occasionally as reported by several of my friends and so many through the newsgroups. I have noticed that applying another selection of "save" within the router admin menu restores wireless operation each time.

I would be interested in other peoples experiences.

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Tony Doherty

WAG54G (1.02.7) + WUSB54G (Version 4):- I've found that -

  1. The wireless link is difficult to initiate. I'm using fixed IP addresses now.
  2. Often the access point is accessible but the internet is not. (but see
    formatting link
    on how to improve this).
  3. The wired connection from PC to WAG54G seems to lock up occasionally. A reboot is required.
  4. The log viewer doesn't seem to work. All I ever see is "Invalid TCP packet recieved- dropping TCP Packet" - even whilst bombarding the link from
    formatting link
    shields up tests.
  5. The Wireless Encryption Status is misreported as Disabled.

It would be handy if Linksys would :-

  1. post a revision history on their download site. Currently (2/1/05) they seem to have taken 1.02.7 off the download site, leaving only 1.02.1.
  2. List the ports which need to be open for the router to do its job My experiments so far suggest:- 162, 514, 1524 UDP inbound are required for log mesages to get to a logging PC. Netbios 135,137,138,139 seem to be required (for DHCP? - or for links to other PCs?) ***** Can anyone extend this list please? ******


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nospam got up from the bar and shouted: :

It's a really buggy router, I would get shot of it ASAP. Lockups after a couple of hours if hosting a webserver though it, wireless dropping out, rubbish wireless range, lack of updates or any kind of support from Linksys, who why the sounds of it, have realised it's a bag o shite..

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Black Shuck

I have been using my LinkSys WAG54G Wireless-G ADSL Gateway for a couple of months now, and have had no problems, other than those of my own making. This is a home network, in a residential neighborhood that seems to have no other wireless systems in operation, locally.

I'm using a home built desktop computer, running Windows XP Professional for my wired computer. My wireless computers are a desktop downstairs and a laptop (Windows XP Professional) that may be carried around anywhere.

My wife's computer is a desktop, with a Linksys WMP54G v4 Wireless-G PCI adapter. This computer is running Windows XP home edition. It is located downstairs, and the signal has to pass through the downstairs roof. This roof has a flakeboard sheathing with an aluminum skin for heat reflection. The aluminum skin serves as a pretty effective RF shield, so the signal downstairs is rather weak...but the connections downstairs, for both wireless computers, have been steady and reliable.

My laptop has a Linksys WPC 11 Wireless-B Notebook adapter. This works very well, except I have not yet figured out how to set the notebook up for any form of wireless security encryption other than the default WEP encryption. This is scarcely worth using, so I am running down the street nekked, so to speak, with wireless security disabled.

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It seems to work reasonably well here, but I find I get times when it will simply refuse to connect to the internet, even though the rest of the network works through the inbuilt switch. I've had no problems with the wireless connectivity (yet!) but I'm slowly getting a bit fed up with the need to reboot it when it locks up as regards internet connectivity.

You mentioned somewhere else the Draytek Vigor 2600G. It seems a tad expensive, but it has a printer server built in I believe? This would be handy for me as I'm considering getting a printer server anyway, and would help me justify the cost, (to she who must be obeyed!) particulary as the Linksys does actually work.

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Andrew Sayers

The drayteks are good, with rock solid stability, and some nice features, but you will pay 20 -30% than a belkin/linksys/netgear product ..

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