Intel 2100 3B / WRT54G Problem


I have a laptop with an internal wireless card that doesn't appear to work with my wireless router. The laptop does work in other wireless environments.

Before I call Linksys, what would you suggest to fix the problem?

Setup is:

- Broadband (cable)

- Router is Linksys WRT54G

- Laptop is IBM T40

- Wireless card is Intel Pro/Wireless LAN 2100 3B

- OS is XP Pro

Thanks in advance for your ideas.


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Henry Stockbridge
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I suspect your router does not have compatible wireless settings with your laptop. Log into your router and look around; it may be a simple as having wireless disabled on your router, and there are several other wireless settings which could also prevent wireless access.

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Bob Willard

"Henry Stockbridge" wrote in news:

This adapter doesn't support 802.11g i.e 54Mbps - check your router setting for speeds supported.

It will support WPA encryption, but you may need to download an updated driver.

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Frazer Jolly Goodfellow

Thanks for your help. I edited my wireless network connection properties, and am now up and running.

- Henry

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