Linksys WAP54G Compatible with WET11?

I currently have an office/warehouse wireless network setup, using two Linksys WET11 Wireless Bridges to connect two Warehouses togther, it works well and I have no complaints.

I need to extend this wireless network to yet another building in our complex and was wondering...if I installed a Linksys WAP54G in the primary building and used the WET11's in the two Auxiliary Buildings...whould they communicate?

I know that I would ideally be using three WAP54G's for this, but my department budget will not allow me to purchase that many at this time, will the WAP54G and the WET11 communicate togther? Will they work in Bridge Mode?

Thank You.

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i emailed someone asking how to link 2 buildings together via wifi sharing a internet connection, and i was advised to use those 2 exact devices you mentioned.

This was from a seller on ebay UK.

I havent gone for that setup myself as the bridge will only of course be

11mpbs, and i am looking for at least 54.

Hope this helps.

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