Trying to connect Linksys WET11 to Netgear MR814

I am trying to access a local public WiFi network. I purchased a Linksys WET11 bridge and I want to connect it to my Netgear MR814 so I could route the public signal in my home network but the router does not seem to regognize the internet from the bridge.

The bridge seems to be working fine. I detects various home networks and I was able to get it to pick up my existing wireless network, albeit through a Linksys ethernet adapter, on one of my PCs. I have tried all combinations of switches on the WET11 - X and ||

Note the signal strength of outside networks is pretty weak - 40% at best per the WET11. I plan on getting a 18dbi directional antenna when I can make the router/bridge combo work.

The router is currently configured to get IP dynamically from the ISP.

Do I have the router configured properly? Will I just have to get the external antenna/have a stronger signal? Am I stuck having to get a Linksys router to go with the WET11 to make this all work?

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Sounds like the router isn't talking to the wireless bridge.

I think you need to have your wireless bridge configured for DHCP. You will also have to manually assign it a fixed IP address for the LAN port as seen from the side the router will connect. The bridge was ment to get its address from a DHCP server on the LAN, but you're not using it exactly that way.

The router will have to be configured manually too since the wireless bridge doesn't have a DHCP function to assign devices connected to it IP addresses as far as I can tell from looking through the online manual on the Linksys web site. The router will have to have its default gateway address set to the IP address of the LAN port of the wireless bridge. I think you will also have to set the DNS server addresses too for what the ISP uses. The router's DHCP function should be enabled for computers on your LAN to get configured right.

I think that should work other than the specific junk like the SSID etc. for the wireless connection. I would be interested in knowing if this works for you.

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Leland C. Scott

Yes the router probably is not communicating with the bridge.

The bridge does have a DHCP section that you can either chose to set the IP address or get it dynamically. See page 15 of the manual-

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Isn't the IP address coming from the public system or other network I am bridging to?

I have set the bridge to get the IP dyanmically. When I do a site survey and select the neighbor's Linksys system, the bridge get the Linksys default gateway of The bridge did keep the IP adddress I gave it for initial configuration of on my Netgear system and the mask of If I ask the IP address to be set dynamically on both the bridge and the router shouldn't it pick up the proper setting regardless of whether it the Linksys 54G down the street or our public system? S

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