Wired and Wireless network using Linksys

I've been trying to get my home network setup so that the main machines
are hardwired into the network, and then there's a wireless network that
will allow other devices to connect to the network, but I'm having a lot
of trouble with setting everything up, even thought the two network
devices are both Linksys.
I have:

- Linksys WRT54G v2.0 wireless router
- Linksys AG241 ADSL Router

What I ideally want is to have the ADSL router connected to the
internet, and then the two main PCs connect to the ADSL router via
Ethernet cables, with static IPs for both. Then the wireless router
connects to the ADSL router and allows for wireless devices to connect
to the network and all devices able to communicate with each other.

I've tried a number of setups but nothing seems to be working and I'm
at a bit of a loss. I thought it would be easy as the two devices are
both Linksys, but the Linksys site has provided any results so far.

Any help in getting everything to work would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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I'm no expert but I'll take a stab at it. Connect the ASDL router to the modem, connect the two PC's via cable to LAN ports and configure them to static Ip addresses that are outside of the fifty addresses used by the DHCP. Uplink the wireless router to the ASDL router by connecting the cable between LAN ports on both, then disable the DHCP on the wireless router and after it's working wirelessly, configure whatever security you like
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Uh, disabling DHCP on the secondary router is correct, since you don't want or need two DHCP servers. And, setting the static IPAs outside of the DHCP range is correct, to avoid conflicts. But I suspect that connecting the two routers LANport-to-LANport won't work; you should AFAIK connect the WANport on the WRT54G to a LANport on the ADSL router.
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Bob Willard
I know you wouldn't use the Wan port if you were uplinking to a second switch and I believe the same applies here. I could be wrong
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Connecting the 2 LAN ports together is the way to go, using the WRT54G as an access point. If he connects to the WAN port he will have two networks with different subnets rather than a single network.
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Nice advice, but you have to setup the wireless security before you switch off DHCP.
What if the IP address for the wireless router is different from the range on the adsl router, you will not be able to connect via web browser.
I know, because I have set my wireless network up the same way, the wireless router gets the ip address from my wired router and the ip ranges are different.
Type in the ip address for the wireless router and get the standard "page failed to load".
Even if you connect to the wireless router by ethernet still no access to setup page of the wireless router.
So you have to make sure you have setup the wireless security correctly because the only way to adjust the security is to do a hard reset and start over again.
Justin Alexander
Alexander Computer Services
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Justin Alexander
No, definitely not - you want the two units on the same network. If you plug the WAN port of the WRT54G in then the unit will be on a different network and you'll be double-natting. That is a very complicated setup.
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Mark McIntyre
No, you just need to assign a workable address to your pc's ethernet adapter first, then you can connect even though DHCP is off.
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