Linksys WET54GS5 and WAP54G

I recently installed a NBX V3000 Business Telephone system. The V3000, which serves as the call processor, is located in the main building along with fifteen 3Com NBX telephone sets, a number of computers, network printers, the file server, router, and switch. In a remote building, there are two computers, a network printer, and three 3Com NBX telephone sets. The two buildings are connected via a pair of LinkSys wireless devices - a WAP54G (main building) and the WET54GS5 (remote building) - set for wireless bridge mode.

The computers and the printer in the remote building can communicate with the LAN server and the Internet across the wireless connection to the main building. You can ping the PCs and printer from either side of the wireless link. Unfortunately, the 3Com telephone sets in the remote building cannot connect with the V3000 call processor at the main building. They cannot connect at the MAC level (as in true layer

2 LAN bridging) or the IP level. When we manually assign static IP addresses to the phone sets, we cannot ping them at all. However, if you take the same phones and attach them directly to the LAN, they work fine.

I temporarily installed a 3Com Outdoor Wireless LAN bridge between the two buildings. As soon as the connection was established, the phones worked fine.

I have been on LinkSys' technical chat support link four times now but I'm just spinning my wheels with them. One of the documents on the WAP54G does not list the WET54GS5 as a linkable device. I don't know if the documentation says that because the WET54GS5 was not released at the time of printing or if that is an actual proscription. Also, the LinkSys documentation does not go deep enough for adequate troubleshooting.

Router, file server, NBX V3000, PCs, Phone sets, switch ------- WAP54G

> WET54GS5-----switch, 2 PCs, network printer, 3 NBX

telephone sets.

Any suggestions?

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Is there any difference in the way you power your phones when using the

3com bridge and the Linksys? You don't say which model the 3com is but I presume it uses DC injection for it's power since it is an "outdoor Bridge".


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Bob II

Thank you for your questions.

The 3Com Outdoor Wireless LAN Bridge is model 3CRWEASYG73-US. The 3Com LAN Bridge draws power to the outdoor transceiver via power-over-ethernet. One end of the cable plugs into the transceiver and the other end plugs into a power injector. The Linksys devices are indoor units drawing DC power through a transformer plugged into a 110 AC circuit. Coax cables connect the respective devices to outdoor mounted antennae.

The phones were powered using the DC transformers in both instances.

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That rather shoots my idea in the foot.Since the 3100 series is 802.3af compatible I was hoping that the 3com Bridge DC Injector was supplying them with power and when using the Linksys there was no DC Injection and hence no power to the phones.


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