Driver(s) for Linksys WUSB11 for Win XP?

I am trying to resurrect my old original Linksys WUSB11 client adapter to use on a spare HP laptop I have. I downloaded the earliest drivers fro the Linksys site and installed them and the XP states that the device is recognised and is working.

However, I cannot get a connection with it. I tried unchecking the "Let Windows Configure" and defined my WLAN SSID which was accepted but still no connect.

As I am not that skilled with XP can anyone please provide some pointers as to what needs to be done to get this old adapter working?

Thanks all.


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What AP are you using. Are you using MAC filtering, wep keys, are you broadcasting the SSID?

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1) Can you ping from the Laptop PC + WUSB11 to the remote Access Point IP address?

1.1) If no then this suggests a problem with the wireless link, in which case check the SSID, enable SSID broadcasting (just for now to get the link working), turn off encryption (just for now, to get the link working).

1.2) If yes then this suggests that the wireless link is ok but there is a problem seeing the remote pc, in which case... 1.2.1)Try turning off the firewalls at each end of the link. Did that cure it? If so then the firewall rules need attention. If not :- Check that File And Printer sharing is enabled on each PC (Control Panel.Network Connections.-rightclick the wireless connection - properties general tab - tick File&Printer sharing) and Check that a shared folder exists on each PC (MyComputer, select a folder - right click - sharing and security)

Any luck now? NB - once you have proved that a connection is possible remember to re-enable wireless encryption, firewalls, etc, etc - the above suggestions are merely a fault finding plan and aren't recommended for normal operation.

Hope this helps Colin

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