Linksys WET11 does not acquire or pass DHCP addresses

I am trying to get one of the Linksys WET11's to bridge a couple desktops to the rest of my home network. The problem is that the WET11 does not acquire a DHCP address from my Linux server running ISC DHCPd. (Diagram of my network below)

While watching the syslog, I can see the WET11's MAC address appear along with the DHCP requests, like this:

Jul 17 12:46:08 piglet dhcpd: DHCPDISCOVER from 00:06:25:45:78:d5 via eth1 Jul 17 12:46:09 piglet dhcpd: DHCPOFFER on to

00:06:25:45:78:d5 via eth1

The problem is that the WET11 never makes its DHCPREQUEST back to the server. I can set a static IP address for the WET11 just fine, but the clients connected to the WET11 have the same behavior as the above.

The WET11 is configured in infrastructure mode and otherwise seems to be working. It is version 1, and the latest firmware. The WAP11 is also v.1 and the latest firmware. I have two of the WET11's and they both exhibit the same behavior.

any ideas? K

Diagram Legend | denotes wired link } denotes wireless link

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Kevin T. Neely
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