CM15A Firmware versions

Hi all!

So, today is the day I finally replace my three transceivers with my CM15A.

My main chip isn't socketed, so it seems to be one of the older ones.

I see that some older firmware versions have been somewhat more unreliable than others.

Does anyone know where the 'good' numbers start?

I don't have my unit open in front of me, but I think mine was G.

In an older post, Bob mentioned he had these:

Unit received in November: P10792E Unit received in December: P10792I

I guess I am in the middle.

Anyone have any good/bad experiences with their units and various firmware versions?

Thank you!

....And to any of you who read my other thread... I just finished soldering all the components into my Ten-tec preamplifier. It was the first time I ever did such a thing! :) Fun.

All I have to do is buy a regulated 12V power supply, and hook up the coax cables, and I'm done.

I hope that it will give the CM15A a nice boost!

Please let me know about those firmware numbers!



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Michael G.
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HI again,

My unit is 04J44.

And, unfortunately, it's VERY FLAKY! :(

Very upset.

All of a sudden, in the activity monitor, I'll see:

P All Units Off (unknown) P All Units Off (unknown) P All Units Off (unknown) P All Units Off (unknown) Non stop.

I'll unplug it, and plug it back in.


O All Units Off (unknown) O All Units Off (unknown) O All Units Off (unknown) O All Units Off (unknown) ...until I unplug it.


After all this work, too!

Very upsetting.


(FYI - My firmware is "F". I am going to order a new unit on Monday...)

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Michael G.

I'll do that.

Very strange.

I think the problem is actually related to the software.

All three times that it did that happen to be when I was adding a module.


Might be a coincidence.

We'll see!

Thanks for all your help!

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Michael G.

It's not the Cm15A - it's the PC SW. I've had two Cm15a's now (including the "diag" version), and the HW has been cool (except for RF range). The thing that really seems to screw it up is AHP. When a macro/timer triggers in the CM15a, it sends only the eeprom address of the event back to the PC... The PC then tries to figure out "WTF?", and will get lost if there was even a minor change on the PC that wasn't downloaded to the CM15a.

X10 is fighting a losing battle on this whole thing, IMHO, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. It's been what, almost 6 months?

I am driving the Cm15a from a linux PC and not with AHP. I don't think I've had AHP running for more than 1 straight hour in many months - I use it to trace the USB traffic and do basic config.

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AZ Woody

I don't think we know enough to decide whether it's older. In the normal course of events, early units tend to be socket and once the firmware is stable, they eliminate the socket. What is the code in the round paper sticker on the outside of the case?

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Dave Houston

It was made in October 2004 - 3 weeks after mine. Mine has a socketed MCU.

Try unplugg>HI again,

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Dave Houston

I'm not using their firmware or software. I've replaced the MCU with a PIC and am using an RS-232 link.

If you replace the antenna as I've shown in the link below and add the preamp, you can expect ~200' range under typical conditions.

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I'm amazed to hear they are hav>It's not the Cm15A - it's the PC SW. I've had two Cm15a's now (including

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Dave Houston

What software do you use under Linux? I hate the darn AHP software but unfortunately couldn't find more than a quick hack on Linux which doesn't sound too promising either.

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Torsten Brasch

You may be talking about the "quick hack" I posted. It's only the very basic part of what I've got (and haven't even updated that in some time - including the docs). The app was originally written (by me) for Dallas

1-wire, and X10 was added. It's got full scripting, and built in web access/control.

I might release it one day to others, but my main goal was a custom app for my specific environment.

I'm debating adding another x10 controller other than the cm15a. The way it was originally written, 1-Wire is the primary interface. BTW, the 1-Wire stuff also works (same source) on Windows too... Been debating making the X10 work there too, but then again, I don't really trust windows enough for it to be "driving" my home automation!

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AZ Woody

Mine is at homeauto dot usandthem dot com, but that site is linked to mine, and mine to his....

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AZ Woody

Yeah - you bet - I don't trust Windows either. I'm not sure if the Linux hack I found was yours - the one I found was

formatting link

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