Linksys wag54g encryption?

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correct WPA
I had the same under status on my wap54g. I just went back and looked again and it now shows WEP. I do know that it was actually on. Im not sure what made my status page change except that I did do alot of security enabling and disabling doing some testing. Maybe it finally wokeup
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On Sun, 9 Jan 2005 21:23:13 -0000, NewsGroupQuestion spoketh
It's a reporting error on the status page of the device. On the WAP54G, it will report "disabled" for security when using WEP, while it will correctly state "WPA" when WPA is used.
If you have enabled encryption in the wireless client on your computer and you have a connection, then that connection is encrypted regardless of what the status page on the router/access point says.
Lars M. Hansen
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Lars M. Hansen
I have a WAG54G gateway and a WUSB54 adapter.
I have configure to use WPA Pre-Shared Key and all is working well
When I look at the status / wireless page, the entry Encryption is indicated
as "disabled".
Linksys support (that I have no confidence in as a result of answers to
other basic questions) tells me that I need to upgrade my firmware and it
looks as if I have a hardware problem. They state that it is unlikely that
encryption is working.
Surely, as I cannot connect from my adapter unless I submit the correct WPA
information, encryption must be working?
I am loath to upgrade my firmware as everything else I need to use appears
to be working fine and I have read many reports of people upgrading and as a
result introduced serious problems. I am on my second kit as the first
adapter would not work at all i.e. not recognised by my OS.
Has anyone experienced the 'encryption' symptom I am getting and how did you
get round it?
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If I change back to WEP 64 or 128, the Encryption status is okay i.e. correctly reported. Upon changing back to WPA, the status reverts to "disabled".
Maybe this is simply what it does when in WPA mode but Linksys think it is an issue. Pity Live Support cannot pass the information to their developers.
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