Linksys/Cisco WRT54G V5 - tracroute bug

Recently had a Linksys WRT54G (v1.0) fail, so went to the closest store and purchased a replacement. My bad for not reading the press, as I brought home a v5 version.

With the latest available firmware, v1.00.6, I've discovered that the router doesn't properly support (of all things) traceroute - the first link returned in the trace is the destination address.

Here's a sample of what happens:


formatting link
( 1 1ms 0ms 0ms TTL: 0 ( ok)

This is a UDP based trace, and it never proceeds past the above. A Windows generated (ICMP based) trace yields similar results:

Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops:

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I saw that the other day at a client, didn't have time to follow up on it, and thought it was me. Lemme pull a new one off the shelf...

Yup, 1.00.4 does it as well. Urg. Beat on them, and drop me a line if you ever get a FW upgrade that works.

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William P.N. Smith

William P.N. Smith hath wroth:

Deja Vu. Different Linksys model (WRT55AG v2) but apparently the same traceroute problem: |

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Jeff Liebermann

That actually appears to be a slightly different problem - in this case, tracert from Windows (using ICMP) works - traceroute from *nix (using UDP) doesn't.

Actually, after a number of telephone calls, Linksys did email me a beta BIOS revision that's supposed to fix the problem - unfortunately, too late for me to test. I located a v4 model still in stock at a local Office Depot, so bought it and returned the v5 to the Staples store where it came from. (I usually buy online, but when the connection is down and the wife can't read her mail, one tends to take the most expeditious route available).

As an interesting aside, this partiuclar v4 was shipped from warehouse stock on

21 Mar 06 (according to the label on the side), so Office Depot may be a reasonably good bet for others looking for a pre-V5 version to avoid having to pay the additional price for the WRT54GL which, according to all reports I've seen, is essentially a V4 anyway.
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Could you Email it to me, and I'll try it for you? My address in the header is valid for a while...


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