Linksys WRT54G Router Problem

I recently purchased a Linksys WRT54G v5 wireless router because my old WRT54G v1 died. Hook it up to my cable modem and it's not getting an IP from the DHCP server of the cable company. I've tried almost everything. Clone MAC address of the NIC, power everything down overnight, different cat 5 cable, upgrade the firmware, return and get another router.....etc. The only way I can use the new router is to set a static IP address for the WAN port using the dynamic IP I got from the DHCP server. If I connect the PC directly to the cable modem, the PC receives the IP instantly. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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It sure sounds like you have the cable modem plugged into the LAN port on the WRT54G instead of the WAN port. You sound like you know what you're doing but please double check anyway.

Cloning the PC IP address won't do much, especially if you are able to connect directly. It might be possible to clone the MAC address of the defunct WRT54Gv1 router.

Did you power cycle the modem every time you made a major change to the MAC address on the router? You gotta do both.

Incidentally, borrowing the dynamic IP address from the direct PC connection will only work if the MAC address of the WAN port on the router is the same as the PC, which requires cloning.

Can you borrow a different model router and see if it's something unique to the Linksys WRT54G v5? I wouldn't be suprised if it was.

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Jeff Liebermann

I've been working thru a similar issue with a new WRT54G v5. I only get the correct IP, Default Gateway and DNS Servers if I power cycle the router, & then it loses connection several times a day. Bypassing the router with a direct connection works fine. I've upgraded the firmware, taken the wireless connection out of the mix, set static IPs, and reset the router -- always with the same results that require a power cycle to correct. Linksys Support recommends the same steps, ending with "In case that after doing so and still not solve the problem, return the router to the retailer and have it replaced." I plan to take that advise and replace it with another brand.

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