Linksys WRT54G V5 problems

I bought a WRT54G Version 4 two weeks ago and it installed fine. Since then I have been reading about problems with V5, so when my brother asked for help setting up a wireless network, I told him to try and find a V4 WRT54G. After 5 stores, he was forced to buy a V5.

Right off the bat, it wouldn't install with the CD, so I tried to configure it manually. Typing in the config IP only brought up maintenance mode asking to do a firmware update. 45 minutes later with tech support and updating the firmware, everything works Ok.

The problem now is when I enter the config utility, I can't find anyway to setup things like Firewalls, Security etc. All I see is a button to set things back to default settings. Can someone help me with what I must be missing.

Thanks Larry

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Larry Webb
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