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I have a 2wire hg2700 wireless router and it is connected to my Desktop PC via ethernet. I am able to browse the web, download etc on my desktop. I also have a wireless capable laptop which I can connect to the router with but it wont go online. I have entered into the browser (and a few variations) but it keeps saying page not displayed. I have gone into the router settings on my desktop but it has made no difference. Can anyone help me?:confused:

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On 2007-09-02, ninacuthbert intrigued me by typing:

How do you know you're connecting to the wireless router? Are you receiving a correct IP address? What OS are your using? Is WZC controlling your laptop's wireless device or is another application controlling it? Are you using encryption? Please be very detailed in your decription of your devices as well as in what you done thus far. In the meantime, if you're sure you've configured everything correctly, check your firewall settings. A simple reboot of all devices won't hurt either.

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Doug Jamal

What were you expecting to find at That is not a valid IP number for any individual computer. If you wanted the router configuration page, the 2wire router that I have worked with set its address at


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Larry Finger

Ummm... The setup page can be reached with:

Depending on ISP, the router IP address might vary somewhat.

I think you might find the installation instructions worth reading:

The HG2700 is stupidly setup for WEP encryption by default. This is a bad idea because WEP has serious security problems. Once you get to the wireless setup page, change the encryption type to WPA and set a long and complex pass phrase. Once that's done, setup your wireless client to connect to your 2wire router. It should ask for a WPA key. Type it in, and you're done.

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