limited or no connectivity?

Linksys Wireless with cable modem. Win XP Pro, SP2, wpa security. Plenty of signal strength which is usually quite solid. One computer wired to router and the other two are wireless.

Only one of the wirelessly connected computers gets periodic messages of "limited or no connectivity" and usually freezes for a few minutes.

Where should I look? It seems very random so it's hard to track down.



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One of my wireless computers gives that message whenever the microwave is running. That computer is located near the kitchen which is one floor directly over the wireless router. 2 other wi-fi computers located elsewhere don't have a problem with the microwave. Also look for 2.4GHz phones that can interfere.

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Limited or no connectivity usually means that you did not get an IP address from the DHCP server on your router. Most likely this is a WPA security problem. Make sure you have entered the WPA passphrase correctly and check to make sure that DHCP is enable on both your computer and the router. You can also try to test it without any security (WEP or WPA) briefly to see if that solves your problem. If it does, you just need to tweak your security settings.

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Bryant Smith

I suppose I should have said that it's an occasional and apparently randome problem. The computer could be poworking fine and then suddenly..... But, at the same time, other computers on the network remain ok.

I am using WPA - but again, using it on all of them.


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