Limited or no connection with Wireless, but Lan Works fine

yesterday I formatted my laptop, and since reinstalling windows I started to have wireless connection problem:

it finds excellent signal and connects to the router fine, but after trying to get an IP from the router it says: limited or no connection. Checking details I see that it couldn't get data from DHCP (no IP, no gateway, no DNS. windows automatically takes a self assigned one)

setting manually ip, gateway and dns doesn't help.

on the other hand 'Lan' connection, using normal eth Cable works perfectly.

the problem started after reinstalling windows, so this means with normal xp with service pack 1 and also with service pack 2.

does anyone have any idea on how to solve?

thanx Giulio

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That sounds like a DLINK ! You need to do a factory reset on the router and put your settings back in again. Make sure your PC is set to obtain the IP address. A good forum is

formatting link
you will find some users there that can help more. Mine does what you describe when a neighbour switches on !

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Just for fun, open the wireless connection properties, TCP/IP properties, Advanced button, Options tab, TCP/IP filtering properties and verify that all ports and protocols are set to Permit All.

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my router is an Hamlet hnws254.

I did a factory reset... and now it's working....

and now I also understand why when I tried to connect another computer to my router ... it didn't work..

what will i need to change to let other computers to connect to my router?

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