Biometric hardware connection

Hello everybody!

I need some help with a new component we've added on our business.

This hardware is a little cpu with a screen that allow all the workers put the thumb on the biometric lector to identify. Then all the workers in/out keep stored on this little machine. This machine has a RJ-45 port and the use of this port is to connect to the switch/router in a wired network.

My question is: There are any kind of hardware that alow me to convert the port rj-45 to wifi??? I don't know if that is a bridge. I'll try to explain it better xD

I'd like to use the RJ_45 output to connect to some kind of wifi hardware to connect it to my wifi router.

The machine have it's own ip.

Sorry for my bad writting

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It really depends on what signals are on the RJ-45 connector. I doubt that it's ethernet, but it might be. My guess(tm) is that it's RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 serial. Since you apparently don't want to reveal the manufacturer or model number, I can't tell from here.

If it's ethernet, it's highly likely that any "wireless client bridge" will do the trick. Here's a list or probable culprits.

If it's serial, it can still be done, but will require some specialized software on whatever computah is controlling this device. See the wireless to serial module at:

There are others. Depending on peformance requirements, you may find it easier and cheaper to get a Bluetooth to serial adapter, or a non-802.11 wireless to serial box. If you need references, please ask.

Ummmm... not exactly. Machines do not have IP addresses. Each interfaces will have its own IP addresses. For example, if you have a machine (computer) with 3 network devices (Wi-Fi, ethernet, and PPP serial), each interface will have a different IP address.

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