WiFi connected, but no internet!

I have connected my laptop to my wireless router, showing excellent signal strength and maximum kb/ps, but have NO connection whatsoever. It says it is connected, and claims there is a connection to the internet, when clearly...there isn't.

I cannot get onto the internet, instant messenger, check email, nothing! The network key/pass phrase is correct, as it accepts and connects. I can connect to other routers in the area that are not security enabled, from which I get a connection. But I don't like stealing other people's internet.

I am totally stumped. Any suggestions?

Any replies sorely appreciated, Thanks, Chris.

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Can one of your other PCs, one that has a wired connection to the router, get to the 'net? Or, if you -- for whatever reason -- are running a WiFi link between your only PC and the 'net, can that PC get to the 'net if you use a wired link to the router instead of WiFi? It is a good idea to get a wired link working first, since wireless links add lots of complexity.

After you get a wired link working, if wireless still doesn't, it is time to review the router's multitudinous params, looking for the one that is causing the blockage. Typical SOHO routers have lots of mechanisms that can prevent wireless nodes from getting to the 'net. For starters, you should reset the router to its defaults and set the PC to be a DHCP client; then run CMD and type IPCONFIG/ALL in the CMD window to verify that your PC has been assigned a valid IPA and mask.

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Bob Willard

"ChrisTheRockGod" intrigued me by writing:

If you have a software firewall running, check to make sure it is allowing wireless networking. You may have to add it to the trusted zone, safe zone or whatever it is called depending on the firewall app. If you don't have a firewall installed, go back to basics starting with: Make sure the wireless router's radio signal is turned on and that its setting (a, b, g, b/g or a/b/g) matches the setting of your wireless NIC. By the way, I am assuming you are using one of the Windows operating systems. In the future, please provide the OS, the make and brand of all of your devices, i.e., laptop, wireless router, wireless NIC as well as the app that is controlling your wireless NIC. Take care.

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Doug Jamal

You first must connect tru a wired connection, before you go wireless, i noticed with a LinkSys router.... or "grant" access tru a pc that is wired, with the settings for another device that should be (wireless) allowed..

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