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I have a Dell Laptop with wireless that that I simply want to connect to a printer wirelessly. No Internet, etc.

What device do I need for this?

I want to use this at my camp where Internet is dial-up only. If there is an option to add a modem to this, I'd be interested in that.



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I dunno if any of the wireless print servers will do AdHoc networking, but that sounds like what you want, at least till we get to:

The only device I know of currently that does Modem->WiFi is the

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(website is down at the moment) aka
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I've got one that I'm still fiddling with, haven't actually set it up and configured it yet, but it seems to have everything I want. You'd need to add a WiFi print server to it, or connect an Ethernet print server via cable...

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William P.N. Smith

wireless print server?


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You'll need a wireless access point & a wireless bridge / print server - belkin or netgear make decent enough ones. Install the printer drivers on your PC with the printer directly connected to the PC. If all works OK, connect the printer to the bridge / print server, connect the print server to the Access point (I.E. bridge this connection) you should (hopefully) then be able to print wirelessly. I have exactly this setup at home, with 4 PCs sharing 2 printers (located in the garage).

Hope this Helps


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