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Hi all. I'm trying to get rid of my old old desktop PC. I want to use my new laptop (Dell inspirion 8600 running XP pro) in the dining room, with all my peripherals in a closet. I will eventually do wireless internet as well, but have to content with dial up for now. (easy access in the dining room)

I currently have a scanner inline with a printer (parallel port only) a photo printer (usb port)

This is the list of equipment I think I need.... wireless laptop (got it) parallel to ubs cable for the on printer usb cable for the other printer wireless print server with 2 usb ports. wireless router for internet access cable or dsl modem.

Does this sound right? Is there a more cost effective configuration?

Thanks for any and all help


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You mentioned that you have DialUp at the moment.

If you want to do every thing that you mentioned with a dialup you would need a Cable/DSL Router that has a serial port, and an External DialUp Modem.

Log to this page and look at option 3:

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Jack (MVP-Networking).

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Not sure I understand why....my laptop comes with a 10/100 network and modem card. I assumes I could just create a dial-up and plug in... no?? Thanks, jojo

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With DSL/Cable all you have to do is go directly from the DSL/Cable modem to a Wireless Access Point(AP). From there you can access the internet though Ethernet by plugging into the AP or you can access the internet through a wireless connection to the AP.

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