Intel Mini won't receive

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Jeff Liebermann
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Hey folk, if you have seen this before - sorry for the cross post.

I have a laptop (Gateway 450, XP) with an Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 3B

Mini PCI communications card... It was working and then I ran an

Anti-virus program and deleted some viruses (yes some). *Major screwup

at this point, I don't know what viruses or what actually got deleted.*

Now when I bring up the Wireless Network Connection box my mini says

"zero packets received". Packets are going out, signal is good. When I

click on the support tab the IP address isn't right for a Lnksys it is

168,254,146,239, so I click on repair and a box says "renewing IP

address..operation failed".

I have uninstalled hardware, reinstalled again, tried to pull the

drivers from the CD (XP says "existing drivers are fine"). Even did a

windows repair off the CD. Tried to bypass the router and wire

straight to the modem but get the same conditions. Have even triied

phone line to with no luck.

Any thoughts off here? Appreciate it! thanks!

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