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I have on both pc's WINDOWS XP SP2 PROFESSIONAL with full installation of tools and utilities, I use only Windows Firewall. I'm using Draytek Vigor 2700VG router with the latest firmware ( I connect to the router two pc's. One on ethernet port and one through wireless port. Both PC's obtaining their ip automatic. PC with wired ethernet connection on router takes for ip and the wireless pc takes the PC with 192.168.10 named as MiG and the wireless with ip named as Sukhoi. The local lan network workgroup is named Munja, I changed the Windows default WORKGROUP. I share some folders to the local network from both pc's. When i'm trying to connect from 192.168.10 to using start-run-\\\\ or \\\\Sukhoi to it's shared folders, i take a message that the network path was not found. From when I'm trying to connect to with both ways I mention before there is no problem. Also when I connect using cable to ethernet port of router no problem exists, I can access to both pc's without problem. The wireless card is the following : LEVEL ONE WNC-0301 USB LAN ADAPTER. Which is the problem? Please notice that until 5 days ago I was using Speedtouch 510i with out problems...

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