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Basic set up is I have a network for our office with 3 PC's connected to a Netopia 3347NWG wireless ADSL router using ethernet and two laptops using wireless. For legacy resaons, the network is based on a workgroup called 'Home', the wireless router is`set to IP address and the PC's /Laptops are set to IP addresses 192.168.1.nn. Everything works fine.

We also have two shops both with ASDL and a single PC connected by wireless, again using Netopia 3347NWG . To keep life simple for roaming with laptops, I have also set up each of these shops as workgroups called 'Home' and the ADSL router to

All PC's and laptops are running Windows XP SP2 fully updated and using XP built in firewall, firewall on routers is disabled.

When I take one of the laptops to either of these shops, I am able to connect to the (secured) wireless network with no problem, browse the shop PC and connect to the Internet.

When I take the other laptop to the first shop, everything works fine, but when I take it to the second shop it will connect to the wireless network ok but cannot see the shop PC (or even ping it from a command prompt) nor connect to the Internet. If I use a crossover cable, however, from the laptop to the router, then I can see the other PC and connect to the Internet.

This has me going bananas - I have checked, double checked and treble checked the various settings, the LAN and Wireless settings on the second laptop are identical except the LAN has IP address and the Wireless has

Any suggestions what the problem might be ?

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Martin Harran
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Do all of the machines at all of the locations have unique IP addresses?

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William P.N. Smith

Yes, all set to fixed IP addresses, no DHCP involved.

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Martin Harran

Just so we're clear, none of the fixed IP addresses are the same between any of the computers at any of the sites, correct?

[It's a rathole, but I'm curious, why use static IPs?]
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