Network setup issues

I'm hoping this will work, because any other solution (thru our IT dept.) will take too long.

I'm running a class which needs internet access, and the computers within the class need to see each other as well. I have a desktop PC with a wireless card within range of the outside network, but the rest in the room are not. I also have my personal laptop with wireless which I want to connect to the rest of the room. I then also have a b/g wireless router I scrounged up, with plenty of ethernet jacks on the back as well.

All machines run XP Pro except for the first one (the one with the actual connection) which has XP home. Dunno if this will be relevant or not.

Anyway, here's a sorta diagram of what I want to do:

[PC w/USB wireless]--------[Router] -- ((( -- [laptop]



-------------------------------| -- -- -- -- [other PC's]

So PC#1 (XP home) has internet via a USB wireless thing, and is then connected via ethernet cable to the router.

Other PC's (XP pro) are also connected via ethernet to router (each has their own cable to router), to use PC#1's connection.

Laptop (XP Pro) is connected to router via wireless.

Assuming we all use the same domain name or whatever, we should see each other. And also we should be able to connect to the internet. I just don't know the details of how to make this possible. Help, please!

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