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I'm about to get a cable modem. I have Cox cable now. I don't have a desktop. Just a laptop and a Dlink DI-524 wireless router. Anyone have any advice before I do this? I haven't had high-speed in awhile. I just need to plug the rj45 out from the cable modem into the Dlink and then config the Dlink for cable modem use. I guess I need to put in my username and password once that is assigned to me from the cable company. I didn't want to load allot of bloat ware on my laptop in order to config the cable modem.

Thanks for any advice, Greg

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If you are buying your own cable modem, just make sure that it fits the requirements (DOCSIS) for your cable co.

I'm also using a Motorola Surfboard cable modem. It belongs to Time-Warner, not me, though. (With Roadrunner, if you want TW's digital phone too, you have to use one of their modems and not your own. No big deal, I probably would've used a Motorola Surfboard, anyway, so that saved me a whole whopping $40.)

With the Surfboard, there is nothing on the modem that needs to be config'd from your end. All the configuration is done automatically from their end. All they need is simply the MAC address. To get to the stats and log, simply point any browser to: TW doesn't require user/pass's, but if Cox does (PPPoE?), then thats just done with the router. DLink's are always You don't have to install anything, except for wireless drivers for your laptop of course. Everything is just TCP/IP...

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On Mon, 12 Jun 2006 19:24:00 GMT, "Greg" wrote in :

Most cable Internet uses DHCP, not a userid and password. Just be sure to power off the cable modem for a minute and then back on after connecting your wireless router so the cable modem system will reconfigure itself properly.

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