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I just got a Linksys WRT54G and I'm trying to use XO Pro's Remote Desktop to remotely access my home PC which is connected to the wrt54g via the hardwired LAN port.

I need port forwarding, but apparently the only IPs you can use are

192.168.1.xx Don't I need to put in my PC's actually IP address (which I got from
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? In any event I put in the IP address I got through ipconfig and unchecked "block anonymous....". I can now connect "remotely" when I'm inside my LAN from a laptop to my PC (so obviously remote desktop is set up correctly on home PC), but cannot connect from work to my home PC.

Help... any ideas?

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Check your software firewall. (Windows Firewall, Zone Alarm, Sygate, Symantec, etcetera). You may have to configure it to accept the outside connection.

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Doug Jamal

for port forwarding, put in your PC's IP address.

if your router is configured to use the 192.168.1.xx network, then your computer will most likely have a 192.168.1.xx IP address.

i can only assume the site shows you your WAN IP. if your WRT54G is the device handling the internet connection, any request sent to your WAN IP will be handled by the WRT54G - you use port forwarding to tell the WRT54G to send the data to your PC.

running 'ipconfig' on your PC should tell you the IP to put in for Port Forwarding.

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No, the address you got from

formatting link
is the IP address of the WAN port on the WRT54G. It does NAT (Network Address Translation) to communicate between the internal network and the outside world.

To do what you want, it will be better if your PC has a fixed address, rather than one obtained by DHCP, because it might change. If the WRT54G has the normal setup, it will start DHCP at If that is the case, set yours at the fixed value of with the gateway and nameserver at Next you reboot and verify that you still have network access. The next thing you will need are the TCP port or ports used by Remote Desktop.

Next, you will need to point your browser at, log into the router, go to the Applications & Gaming tab and the Port Range Forward subtab. Fill in the top row for the port or ports you need.

I do this operation for a subversion server that can be accessed from the outside world. In my case, the application is "svn", the port range is from 3690 to 3690 (1 port), I left the pulldown at "Both", put 50 in the final digit of the IP address (my server is at, and checked "Enable". Save your settings and you should be in business. You can test by using the laptop with your external address, as well as the internal one.


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Larry Finger

Apparently I did not explain it correctly. The ip address i used was I can do a remote desktop while at home using my laptop so the firewall and setup is ok.

I just cannot access it from work over >I just got a Linksys WRT54G and I'm trying to use XO Pro's Remote

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"Answering Some Common Windows XP Home Networking Questions"

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John Navas

formatting link

The only address you use on YOUR side of the network, is the 192.168.1.x address. To access it from the Internet, though, you need to use the public address (which you got from So, if your public IP is a.b.c.d, and the machine you're port-forwarding to is, you set up port forwarding for that IP, and access it from the Internet as a.b.c.d:3389

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Derek Broughton

Yep, that was the secret sauce I needed to get it to work. I couldn't find that written up anywhere, but now that I see what to do it makes sense!

Thanks for the help. I needed both the 192 and the address I get from myipaddress.

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