Configuring a second DI-524 wireless router within an existing wireless network


I have the following configuration:

Internet ADSL modem DI-524 wireless router Laptop/PC

However, the DI-524 wireless router does not have the range we expected (because of heavy concrete walls in the house). I have a SECOND DI-524 router that I propose to place inbetween the first and the laptop, as follows:

Internet ADSL modem FIRST DI-524 wireless router SECOND DI-524 wireless router Laptop/ PC

My question to you is: how can I configure the SECOND DI-524 wireless router in such a way that the entire wireless network appears seamlessly connected. Just FYI, I cannot connect the second DI-524 wireless router with a LAN wire.

Thanks, Sid

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Sid B
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Can't? Or just don't want expend the effort? By the time you finish diddling around with trying various Wifi bridging it'll make running wire seem trivial. Pull the wire and setup the second router as an access point on the same SSID. Much less hassle. There's also the option of using power line ethernet devices to extend the network. Supposedly recent ones are better.

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Bill Kearney

Hi To connected Wirelessly two Wireless Router they have to be configured to work as WDS. The Dl-524 can not be configure as WDS, you have to buy Wireless Routers that support WDS or find if D-Link has an Extender that Support WDS with the DI-524. Wireless Modes -

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Bridging -
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