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Hello All,

I have a dilemma - I have a linksys/vonage WRPT54G and I a just relocated to an area that only has wireless access. I am runing Vista Home premium on a new Gateway laptop.

I was told that I could get a crossover cable and use the ethernet port in my laptop ( while connected to to the web via the internal wireless card ) to the wan/lan port in the WRPT54G to get connectivity to the WRPT54G.

BTW, I also enabled Internet Connection Sharing for the wireless connection with auto DHCP.

When I hooked up the crossover cable to the WRTP54G,, the power, wireless and internet blue lights do come on and I can even see the unsecured linksys router in available networks, however with only local connectivity.

The only way I can access the firmware at the router is to change over to connect to the linksys network ( instead of the regular wireless connection from the internal card) with the password admin/admin.

Once inside the firmware, I can not get the router to get an ip addy, it just remains blank, even after I press dhcp refresh/renew.

I tried everything, even calling linksys who just put me on hold.

Any help would really be appreciated!

Thanks, JCC

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U did not mention the name of your internet service provider. If you have connected the Laptop to the WAN port on the router you will not get an IP Address. Laptops/any comp should be conn to any of the 4 LAN port's on the router. WAN port is meant for the connection that is coming from your Internet service provider. In your case u told that your area has only wireless access, then there is no way you can use the router for internet connection. You need to have a normal internet connection through a modem for u to access the internet through the router.


the connection should be like this.

Please do reply. Also take a look at this website

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for any networking info.

thanks. Manu S

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