Simultaneous Broadband and dialup connections

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I have recently upgraded from a diaup internet connection to a broadband connection, using a new external USB broadband modem, which is an excellent improvement. However, I work from home and, from the same machine (running XP Pro) also dial in to my customers' systems using the original internal dialup modem and a different physical phone line. I can dial in to a customer's site and do my work whilst remaining connected to broadband, but am surprised to find that this causes my broadband service to hang i.e. I can no longer visit websites or send/receive e-mail. Is this usual? Is there anything I can do to resolve this so I can continue to send/recieve e-mail on the broadband connection whilst simultaneously being dialled in to a customer site?



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You ->might be able to adjust the routing tables so that traffic to IP addresses on your customer's network get routed through the dialup interface and everything else goes through your NIC.

I've never tried massaging XP's routing tables by hand, but if you've a mind to, try playing with the "route" command from a command window.

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Bert Hyman

I'm pretty sure Linux can easily handle multiple simultaneous network connections (broadband outh ethernet & PPP out a RS-232 modem) You do neet to make sure your netmasks are correct and have the routing tables properly set up.

After all, machines don't have IP addresses. Interfaces have IP addresses.

-- Robert

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Robert Redelmeier

Broadband and Dial-In do coexist on the same line at the same time.

I think you are using ONE PC to do both at the same time. This will be the problem. As far as I have experienced Windows is not able to hold two connections based on IP at the same time.

So if you use different devices or other software this should be possible.


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