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Joseph Stewart
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OK, having a strange problem with a client's setup:

Have an HP OfficeJet 6100 set up (with built in network print server), and it's working fine from 2 wired and 1 wireless computer. The other wireless laptop can not reach the printer. Pings are unsuccesful.

However, this laptop CAN ping the router and all the other computers on the network (all of which can ping the print server). Gateway & subnet are all identical on everything. I've checked the HOSTS file. No spyware.

Does anyone have any clue what could be causing this? Web browsing and every other network related function seem to be working perfectly from the afflicted laptop as well, the only thing that doesn't work is pinging the print server. I have looked for a setting where perhaps the printer is ignoring the laptop, but can't find anything.

Any help?



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The Chairman

This may not help, but check if the laptop is indeed running a firewall (new laptops with XP2 on them have it on by default). If that isn't the case, can the other computers ping the laptop? Can the laptop work with the printer if it is wired to the network? Can you give us the IP's of all computers and the printer (probably worthless info here, but...)

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"Joseph Stewart" wrote in news:OlHef.5834 $ snipped-for-privacy@fe08.lga:

Windows firewall disabled, no 3rd party one running.

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The Chairman

rico (Rico) wrote in news:wMKef.642$

- It's not running a firewall.

- The other computers can ping the afflicted machine. The afflicted machine can ping the other computers.

- The IP addresses: - router - affected laptop - unaffected wireless laptop - unaffected desktop - print server

- The printer doesn't work when I plug in wired...

Any thoughts?

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The Chairman

The Chairman wrote in news:Xns9710295AE6164monsterearthlinknet@

Just to follow up...

Very strange, but reinstalling the "HP Network Setup Wizard" solved it. I thought for sure that it wouldn't be able to find the server on the network, but lo and behold it did. Weirdest thing...

I wonder if HP has something installed in the server to ignore pings from a PC that doesn't have their software installed? It seems unlikely, but that's the only thing that I can think of that might have caused the problem.

Oh well, works now.

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