Need Help with Wireless Network Setup

I recently installed a Netgear Wireless network card in my PC. I have an iPAQ 2415 and connot seem to get it to link up properly. I would like to use my computer as an access hub for the internet and be able to use my PDA as a terminal. That way, for instance, I could look up information ie. Recipes, while in the kitchen on my PDA instead of printing them out in one room and going back to the kitchen or, being in the living room and wanting to look up something on the net while watching TV. I am a novice when it comes to wireless networking. I have used my PDA a couple of times in areas that had free net access and it worked fine. I can get my PDA and computer to acknowledge each other but that is as far as it goes. I am using an iPAQ 2415, upgraded to WM5 instead of WM2003SE. Can anyone give me some insight or direct me toward a website that could help me?

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