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I have a network setup at home and all the computers access the internet via a D-Link router. What I would like to do is setup an SMC wireless adapter on one of the computers accessing the network so that I can access the internet on my PDA via the wireless connection. Is this possible?

In my "Network Connections" I have and "internet gateway", a "local area connection" and a "wireless connection". All say connected and that's it. No firewall or "shared". I have the wireless setup as Access point preferred (I didn't really know what ad-hoc or the other one was). My PDA (Axim X30 w/ wireless and bluetooth) will not connect.

Anyway, if this is possible to do, can someone please point me to some docs or just let me know what I might be doing wrong.

Thanks, S.

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If your Axim has WiFi, you should be able to connect directly to the AP.

Usually when a device can't connect, it is a problem with the DNS settings.

Yes is it definately possible to do : )

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Lucas Tam

Sure, the PDA should be able to get onto the internet with no problems. I have two PDA's that I use with my wireless network.

I'm not understanding why you are trying to connect the PDA through a PC for wireless internet access though? The PDA should have no problems connecting directly to the router over-the-air in infrastructure mode. The PDA connected to the router is essentially the same as any other computer (desktop/laptop) connected to the router. Once connected, the router will assign it an IP address and you should be able to launch any internet application (web browser, email, ect) on the PDA and be up and talking.

For synchronizing data between the PDA's and a PC (and installing software on the PDA's), I still use the USB cradles -- or sometimes use the IrDA ports between PDA's and PC -- but for just regular interneting, the PDA's are going straight to the router over-the-air. No need to go through a PC with any type of AdHoc, proxy stuff, ect. As far as the wireless router is concerned, the PDA is no differerent than any other computer on the network.



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Wired-only router, or wireless? I'm assuming wired, as otherwise why not connect the PDA directly to the router.

Its possible but a little fiddly. You'd need to set up an ad-hoc network between your PC and the PDA, then set up routing between the wireless card on the PC, and the wired network.

on the PC or PDA?

you don't mention which OS, and which service pack levels. Sounds like possibly XP without SP2. This info is important.

thats no good, your PC isn't an access point. You need ad-hoc mode to connect two client devices like this. It'd be a lot simpler to buy an AP and attach it to your router.

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Mark McIntyre

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