Hawking HSB1-AP/HWBA54G installation problems

I just bought the Hawking HSB1-AP which is alos know as the HWBA54G (

WiFi Signal booster + access point), hoping that will solve my issues

with wireless connections and bandwidth issues between two buildings.

After several failed attempts to configure the access point through the

supplied cd ( Access violation at address 004A100E in module ?GB.exe?,

write of address 00000000.)

I also tried to configure the access point part through going directly

to which is the default IP address of the HSB1-AP, but I

can only get to the point where I need to configure the WEB key. I

upgraded the firmware per Hawking tech support web site to version 2.29

and that did not solve the problem.

I called their tech support and the person who answered was very rude

and unhelpful. Unfortunately he claims to be the supervisor, so that is

another dead end.

Does any one have experience with the HSB1-AP/HWBA54G and has a


Thank you very much for all your help in advance,

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