HSB1 -AP Hawking Range Extender-Anyone try one? (versus Lnksys)

Anyone try the Hawking Range Extender hooked to a Linksys SpeedBooster Router WRT54GS to boost a signal?

I never tried this but have tried a Linksys Router with SB WRE54GS and then the untethered Linksys Range Extender WRE54G (which operates as a repeater/booster with no connection) with success.

They say the Hawking can be configured with different power levels and such.

I guess I am just seeing if they both are equal or there is the downside that:

  1. Mixing and matching products may not work (Hawking said it should be fine).
  2. That in perhaps a large house (grandparents) that the Hawking would not cover it and I would need the wireless Linksys version that I could place ANYWHERE I want (with perhaps a different SSID as well).

Thanks Patty

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Did you talk to sales or technical people at hawking, and did they say it would work in writing? (after all, it's in writing that it will *not* work)

All I can find on the datasheet at:

formatting link
FCC Note: Certified by the FCC to work as a single system with the Hawking HWBA54G (HWBA54GT) Access Points. More device certifications pending approval and conformance.

Interestingly enough, they "claim" the hsb1 has been reveiwed and awarded all sorts of stars by computer magazines, but when you read the actual articles, they talk about their high-gain ANTENNAS!

I admit to being a skeptic.. I just wonder how all the *other* manufacturers are limited in the power output by FCC regs, but they claim they have more power than is allowed by law? (have a headache from that big alarm bell going off in my brain from the BS detector)...

If you find out how they do these miraculous things, please post here.

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