ME102 AP USB Management Utility

Hi I purchased a Netgear 802.11b Wi-Fi access point, however there was no installation CD in the box, tried looking on the Netgear web site for the ME102 AP USB Management Utility, however no luck, even tried phoning their so called Tech Support line (India) enough said, who were as much help as ".........."!

Because of the holiday in UK the company I purchased the box is closed until Tuesday.

Quetion anyone know where I can download the installation software namely ME102 AP USB Management Utility


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Does this look like the sort of thing you're looking for?

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The "CD2.x" software might be worth investigating.



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Allan Girvan

Hi Yes found that page, however thought it was a Firmware upgrade. Can't seem to locate the software titled "ME102 AP USB Management Utility"

Thanks anyway

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Didn't look hard enough, just took me about a minute to find this:-

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David Taylor

"H" hath wroth:

I'll presume that you have the Rev A mutation.

As others have suggested, see:

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your device is Rev A, then download:

Partial list of included files are include USB drivers and management utility. If you do NOT happen to have the Rev A mutation, don't download and install this.

\\ME102MAN.inf \\ME102MAN.sys \\Acrobat\\LICENSE.PDF

\\Snmpmang\\ \\Snmpmang\\data1.hdr \\Snmpmang\\ \\Snmpmang\\ikernel.ex_ \\Snmpmang\\layout.bin \\Snmpmang\\Setup.exe \\Snmpmang\\Setup.ini \\Snmpmang\\setup.inx

\\Usbdrv\\ME102MAN.inf \\Usbdrv\\ME102MAN.sys

\\Usbmang\\ \\Usbmang\\data1.hdr \\Usbmang\\ \\Usbmang\\ikernel.ex_ \\Usbmang\\layout.bin \\Usbmang\\Setup.exe \\Usbmang\\Setup.ini \\Usbmang\\setup.inx

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